Our Services

Photo Gifts World is a one stop portal, ideal for all businesses within the imaging, gift and décor industries who wish to enhance their range of products and services. Any company with a desire to offer a stand out service to their customers will benefit from working with Photo Gifts World, where the latest products are created in house and introduced before any others in the market.

We house a team of expert artists who specialise in creating beautiful works of art from your customers’ snapshots. With years of experience and an abundance of skill, our artists excel in turning images into a wide range of styles of exquisite art, such as Oil Paintings, Pencil Sketches, Caricatures, Fairy Art and many more.

In addition to this, our team of Photo Restoration specialists skilfully enhance, repair and restore damaged and discoloured photographs. Old memories are restored to their original glory with services that include colouring black and white images, removing marks, creases, dents and other types of damage. There is no limit to what our specialists can achieve.

 We have recently introduced a professional Wedding Album service. Using your images, our team of designers create completely bespoke Wedding Albums, with beautiful personalised covers and high quality print finishing. All page design, layout, printing and binding is completed by our team - all you need to do is upload your images and leave the rest to us!

We have a swift service with a short turnaround time, and all work is carried out to the highest standards. We have a rich history of serving business of all types and sizes around the world.

 Photo Gifts World provides its trade partners with full Marketing Support, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), an Online Ordering System (OOS) that can be integrated to your website, full technical support and a service that goes beyond expectations. Our aim is to enrich your company with this selection of specialist services, ensuring a stronger presence in the market.

We are now able to offer a very comprehensive print finishing services through our partner suppliers in many countries. Please contact us for co-operation. You may be a finisher wishing to offer your services to us, or you wish us to supply finishing services to your business; please contact us.

Trade Partners

Join Photo Gifts World today to reap the benefits of our superior services. Enjoy the additional profits generated by these high value products and services and watch as profits and revenue increase with minimal investment.

 We have ensured that integrating these Personalised Art and Gift services into your existing range is quick and simple. We offer full support in adding our services to your current product range, and continued support to maintain a smooth workflow with us in the future.

We have our own in house IT technicians to integrate our services to your system using HTML, API or any other software you may be currently using.